Original Unique Isle of Wight Pebble, Sea Glass and Marine Debris Art

Charity Auction November 2018



November has already seen the exciting auction of three of my beach rubbish pictures at the Black and White Charity Ball, Emsworth, in aid of the Final Straw Solent https://finalstrawsolent.org  All three of my pictures were bought by the Spithead Business Centre on the Isle of Wight http://spitheadbc.co.uk for their new Coffee House  opening on Monday 12th November. http://www.spitheadbc.co.uk/cafe-deli.html

I am so passionate about the damage beach rubbish is causing. Our marine and wildlife are dying every day from getting caught up in fishing line, nets, rope, plastic bags, etc and of course from eating plastic and not food.  Some young birds have so much plastic inside them that they cannot even fly, due to the weight.

If you live by the sea take a bag /bucket with you on the beach and just see in 5 minutes how much rubbish you pick up.  Sweet wrappers, crisp packets, straws are all things I'm sure you will find.  I even found a large extension cable reel yesterday.

Anything you do today will help protect our marine and wildlife and ultimately build a better future for our children, grandchildren and our environment.

Thank you - Sally

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