Original Unique Isle of Wight Pebble, Sea Glass and Marine Debris Art

Cleaning Marine Debris/Rubbish

Picking up litter and rubbish from the beach is not difficult!  It's what you do with it afterwards that matters. Some of the things I pick up off the beach has to be recycled - other stuff I keep and use for my pictures or give away to other marine debris artists.

Once I have collected all the rubbish of the beach I take it home and leave it all in a large bucket of hot soapy water.  I leave this for a few hours - sometimes a day - and then scrub as much dirt as possible of the bits and pieces I have found. Dirty water is emptied out and fresh hot water replaced, left for a while, stirred and then emptied!

The rubbish is then disinfected for a day and scrubbed again. I then empty the dirty water out, replace again with clean hot water, stir again, empty out and repeat the process!  Once I am quite satisfied that everything is squeaky clean I empty the water out and transfer all the rubbish onto a towel to dry - if possible in the sun.  Once the rubbish is dry the fun bit starts...separating it all into colours and sizes, ready to use in my pictures.

I have a large number of boxes now, which all look very pretty - but in reality it is extremely frightening.  What I am collecting is so small in comparison to the amount of rubbish floating in our oceans and washing up on our beaches or WORSE people just littering our beaches, roads and countryside.

So please, I urge everyone to think about disposing of rubbish.  When you take a walk in the countryside or beach, take a bag and collect any rubbish you can and dispose of it sensibly.  In two minutes you will be surprised at how much rubbish you have collected.  But be sure that you will have helped wildlife and the environment.

Thank you.


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