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Pebbles - What's the Difference?


What is the difference between pebbles?

For me there is a HUGE difference.  As a pebble artist I want the pictures I create, to “stand out from the crowd”.

There are many, many pebble artists, all over the world and we all have a different way of creating our designs. That’s what makes us all individual. As a customer you are drawn, obviously, to what appeals to you most……

I love using pebbles that are flatter rather than round, especially when creating a pebble picture to resemble a person. I believe the flatter pebbles create a better more ‘realistic’ picture. Whereas, to create a ‘sitting dog’, or a bird, for instance, I prefer to use a rounder pebble. Again it is what appeals to you..

Colours are important too.  A customer may specify that they would like one person to wear black and white, brown and cream or maybe red and yellow!  To find the right colours and sizes takes time and enjoyable rambles along the beach, come rain or shine, to find that perfect unique pebble to create that perfect unique gift!

Last month I had to create two pictures with dachshunds for a customer. I had to beachcomb for several hours to find two pebbles, mottled brown and black, looking like sausages. Believe me it was very challenging!

Sometimes when I walk along the beach I am looking for something specific…short legs, long bodies, grey head, brown head, red shoes, black shoes. Other times I just walk along the beach and a pebble ‘jumps’ out at me, maybe in the shape of a dog head, a boot, a tail, an arm, or something else. 

Needless to say, most of the time, when I pick up a pebble, a smile spreads across my face – and that is why my logo says “Creating art from the sea to put a smile on your face” - nothing gives me more pleasure.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!




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  • Sally, you seriously just brought pebbles to life!! Dachshunds!! 😂🤣😁🐶


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