I have painted all my life. I love the sea and the sound of the waves. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to amble along the beach - my happy place - collecting material washed up on the shore which I can then recycle and create into a picture. 

I have become much more aware of the damage we are doing to our environment. I want to use my artistic creations to raise as much awareness as possible amongst other people. Not only do I use sea glass, pebbles, driftwood and shells, but I also use plastic and rubbish from the beach. 

Nicknamed by my family, the "rubbish" artist, I have become a beach rubbish artist (Environmental Artist) helping to raise awareness of marine and environmental issues.

I donate all my profits from my beach rubbish pictures to two charities - The Final Straw Solent, In Emsworth https://finalstrawsolent.wordpress.com

and Blue Seas Protection on the Isle of Wight www.blueseasprotection.com 

I have two grown- up children who have ‘flown the nest’ - but still, when home, bring me bits and pieces they have collected on the beach - and a wonderful husband, who has the patience of a saint when I ramble away with all my creative ideas or turn a brisk walk along the beach into a 3 hour amble filling my pockets. Without the support and huge encouragement from the family, I would not be doing this. Lastly, I thank three dogs who have constantly been by my side, on the beach, paddling in the sea or sleeping beside me, while I create my pictures. They have all listened with great expectations, a tilt of the head, a wag of the tail and sometimes an approving woof….