Original Unique Isle of Wight Pebble, Sea Glass and Marine Debris Art

Sally Potter AKA The 'rubbish' Artist



I have painted all my life.  Painting and creating, for me, is a passion, therapeutic and great fun – it’s what gives me the biggest buzz. I divide my time between Salisbury, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight. My family has had connections with the Isle of Wight for four generations. I love the Island. It is my haven. When I am on the island many a day is spent walking along the beach, sometimes in the brilliant sunshine, calm and tranquil with boats bobbing on the water. Sometimes with a good sea breeze, wind and rain wrapped around my face, white horses and huge waves crashing against the rocks. Sometimes just a cold crisp day when you feel chilled to the bone walking along the beach. Whatever the weather, whatever the sea does, I am drawn to take a walk, hunt for sea glass, pebbles, shells driftwood and beach rubbish…..with or without the family and the dog!  I  enjoy the solitude, loosing myself in my thoughts….the sound of waves, caressing the sand, or rolling in and pulling every pebble and shell in its wake. I know that when my walk is over I will probably go and sit in the sun, or light a fire, tucked up with a good book and a hot cup of tea – or maybe even hot chocolate.

Nicknamed by my family, the "rubbish" artist, I create pictures out of  marine debris, helping to raise awareness of marine and environmental issues. I donate 20% of my profits from my beach rubbish pictures to two charities - The Final Straw Solent, In Emsworth https://finalstrawsolent.wordpress.com and Blue Seas Protection on the Isle of Wight www.blueseasprotection.com 

Without the support and huge encouragement from the family, I would not be doing this. Lastly, I thank three dogs who have constantly been by my side, on the beach, paddling in the sea or sleeping beside me in my studio, while I create my pictures. They have all listened with great expectations, a tilt of the head, a wag of the tail and sometimes an approving woof….Thank you for visiting my website.

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